Result of Saturn in Libra to your career

Saturn in Libra :

Result of Saturn in Libra to your career

Saturn or Shani is the slowest moving planet of all the 9 planets and it takes approximately 2½ years to transit a sign.  Due to its slow movement through the zodiac coupled with its malefic nature, Saturn’s transit is considered to be crucial when studying one’s birth chart in relation to the planetary transits.

Of importance is Saturn’s transit close to the natal Moon which period is called Sade-Sati.  Sade-Sati lasts for 7½ years which is the time taken for Saturn to transit the 12th, 1st, and 2nd houses (from Chandra Lagna or the Vedic Moon sign). Shani’s effects while traversing the natal Moon are oftentimes profound and delays, obstacles and failures in all endeavours are inevitable at times for the individual in question.

Saturn has moved into and is currently transiting the sign Virgo (or Kanya / Kanni)  (as of 9 September 2009) and therefore, individuals with Moon signs as Leo, Virgo and Libra are at the present going through their Sade-Sati period.  Leo natives (Vedic Moon sign) are going through their final part of the Sade-Sati period which will last for about another 2 years or so while Virgo (Vedic Moon sign) individuals are in the second phase of the 7½ years’ of Shani influence.

Saturn will move into Libra on or about 15 November 2011 when Scorpio natives will begin their Sade-Sati period.  Libra (or Thulaam), a sign lorded over by Venus, is also the exaltation sign of Saturn and there fore , individuals with Moon signs as Virgo, Libra and Scorpio will be the going through their sade-sati period. Virgo will going through their final part of the sade-sati period which will last for about another 2 years or so while Libra individuals are in the second phase of the 71/2 years of Shani influence.

On 15th November 2011, Saturn, the most dreaded planet after Rahu and Ketu changes signs from Virgo to Libra. Here’s a glimpse of what influences this may have on your career for the next two and a half years.

Aries: Wonderful prospects for career progression and advancement. You may expect a career change or a big jump. New opportunities are on the anvil. Some of you may also be able to start your careers or get into business and/or profession.

Taurus: Far better results than Arians. Great career growth potential, wonderful desired job changes, positive changes or self adaptation in the work environment, classically good relations with colleagues and sub-ordinates.

Gemini: For you, this Saturn’s transit has no direct influence to your career or work environment as such, but you may probably be restricted in some manner in collecting or developing soft skills and creativity. You will have to be more patient with your training needs and processes.

Cancer: It seems that you will have a few more hurdles than normal in dispensing your duties at work, in career growth and development. Some unfortunate souls may also be witness to losing their jobs, career loss, resignation, or a slow start for some fresh aspirants.

Leo: Saturn in Libra may not allow you to put in full efforts to execute your duties and there may be some or the other delay, restriction or hurdle caused by colleagues, subordinates, married life disturbance in your career. You may have to travel a lot or commute more for work.

Virgo: Creativity or skills expansion are high on the cards adding to material wealth. Most of you will be able to grab better jobs with higher returns or more incentives. These two years will be the time to gather skills and do things which will form the base of your future career.

Libra: Most of you will be preoccupied with home, family and kids as well as high creativity and skills development to focus or acquire career benefits. You will not lose your job or career, but the focus shifts. Some of you will but be able to secure permanency in career.

Scorpio: You may have more responsibilities now, which may or may not include better remuneration, but you will definitely find yourself striving hard and working more than others. Home matters may not be centre stage but those working from home will have better work and career prospects.

Sagittarius: Fiscal gains and other benefits out of your work are stronger and will have long lasting effects. You shall be able to communicate well in these two and a half years. Many of you will have directly proportionate monetary gains from your career.

Capricorn: Many of you will have very strong careers and make great solid foundations of your career. Financial soundness through career or vice versa are bound to be there in the coming transit of Saturn through Libra. Expect good career moves on your part.

Aquarius: A deliberate slow death to your career or sickness to your career in the form of stagnancy. You may travel far and wide for career purposes. Hidden enemies at work may stab you in the back and cause hurdles in your career.

Pisces: You may also gain in and through your career, which may be in the form of more contacts and a wider network. Some international projects will also add spice to your career and job responsibilities.

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